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Art from the game Gravity Rush 2.

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Smooth Motion

Improve the reading experience by replacing imprecise scrolling and annoying page reloads with smooth panel transitions.

Expressive Sound

Complement your story and art with music that evokes the appropriate mood and feelings for a particular scene.

Ubiquitous Platform

Let your readers enjoy your responsive webcomics from their phone, tablet, laptop, TV screen and any device that comes with a web browser.

Complementary Web Hosting

Automatically get your own corner of the web and domain when you create and publish your webcomics.

Blazing Performance

Impress your readers with a fast and enjoyable reading experience using the state of the art reader.

Accessible Comics

Enable your foreign readers to translate your webcomics to their language of choice with the rapidly-improving translation technologies on the web.

Optimized SEO

Reach more readers with your SEO-optimized webcomics and watch them rise to the top of search engine results.

Continuous Promotion

Increase your readership by receiving repeated publicity for your webcomics on this website and its social media accounts.

Reliable Support

Email me at to ask me a question, propose a new feature or report a bug, and I'll reply within 24 hours.

Here's a Demo!

This webcomic created using uses images and audio from the game Gravity Rush 2.


What is this? is a website that enables webcomic artists to create and publish webcomics online.

Who is this for? is specifically for self-published comics / manga / manhwa artists who want to create and publish webcomics on the web.

When are you adding X feature?

Follow me on Twitter, where updates and announcements are posted on a regular basis.

Who are you?

I'm Chafic Najjar and I design, develop and market since December 2017, although I wrote the first line of code for this website during my last year at university in 2015.

Why make this?

As an avid manga reader, I see so much untapped potential in using the power of the web to build webcomics and this is my attempt at fixing that.

Why is this not free?

Making takes a lot of time and effort, and charging users a monthly subscription fee enables me to work on it full-time.


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