Hi, I'm Chafic Najjar.

I'm the guy making webcomic.app and here's my story.

It's the year 2015 and I'm in my dorm room, reading a webcomic instead of studying for exams. What was I reading? I forgot, but I do remember thinking:

"Why do webcomics look like someone ripped the pages from a comic book, scanned them, and threw them as images on web pages? Is that the best we can do?"

At the time, I was also working as a freelance web developer and saw amazing websites every day. These websites had beautiful visual transitions, responsive and unique grid layouts, interactive user interfaces and fitting music.

This got me thinking of all the ways web technologies could be used to drastically improve the reading experience of webcomics:

  • Load comic panels instantly without the need to wait for the page to load.
  • Get the comic panel you are reading to show up in the middle of your screen, without ever having to awkwardly scroll again.
  • Animate the different elements of a comic panel like the background, character and speech bubbles.
  • Start playing music for particular scenes, like intense music at the start of an action scene.
  • Have the browser ask you to translate the text of a foreign webcomic to your own language.

Enter webcomic.app, my stupidly ambitious attempt at making the most sophisticated tool to create, organize and publish motion comics.

webcomic.app is in active development and I'd love to hear your input. You can email me at [email protected] for questions and feature requests.